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Current sources for cuttlefish or eggs

I've kept dwarf cuttlefish (Sepia bandensis) before and am currently raising a new batch of juveniles hatched from eggs. Most online info (e.g. at tonmo or on this board) about keeping these guys is a few years old.

I am wondering: does anyone know sources for juvenile cuttlefish or eggs beside the following?
BlueZooAquatics -- I have had mixed results, ranging from 100% hatch and survival to 25% hatch and 0% survival. It appears theres a lot of variability in quality between batches of eggs. Since they dont offer any support on this "high risk" item, playing this lottery can get costly quick. -- havent tried yet, but this will be my next source unless someone can point out something better

Anyone have experience with cuttlefish from any online supplier in the past year?

Thanks for any info.

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