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Need help testing new app that color corrects for LED blue light in real-time

Blue and actinic light from LEDs has been ruining my reef aquarium photography for a long time. When I joined the hobby back in the early '90s, MH was the game not just because they're amazing, but because pics of tanks with MH looked INCREDIBLE (and still do) compared the VHO/Power Compact/T5 equivalents. The new game is LED and everyone is sharing pics of their coral and fish but instead of them having the great reds, oranges and greens, they're dosed in this blue tint making their colors inaccurate.

So what did we do? We started buying DSLR's and shooting in RAW and turning our tank photoshoots into professional photoshoots. We turned off our blue lights, we bought orange gels and safety glasses. We traded photoshop filters and played with white balance cards,... and for what? So we can get at least one color accurate shot of a frag we can see perfectly fine with our naked eye.

Let us all reflect...
Okay, stop reflecting.

Enter our hopeful hero, Aquarium Camera. It dreams of one day ridding the internet of bad reef aquarium photography. It's designed to color correct the actinic light from LEDs in real-time on your smart phone. The thing we take photos on for everything else in our lives, except our tanks... until now.

It works because it does it's magic on the camera sensor BEFORE your iphone/ipad has a chance to compress the image and permanently write the pixels in your photos. Correction works live on video or photos and I've spent a ton of my free time on it (instead of maintaining my tank... okay maybe 50/50).

So with that, I need your help. I don't have that many lights (and neither do the aquarium shops around me). I need your help testing the app on your various lighting setups to make sure it actually does what it's designed to do.

It's free to sign up to Beta test or if you want to jump into the deep end (pun somewhat intended) you can find it on the Apple App Store (Android coming soon).

Thanks guys and anxious to see if we can help rid the internet of bad reef shots!

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