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After 20 years of wanting to keep these, after reading everthing i could find about these, including this thread, i finally got a pair.

One 9 cm fish is with short spines and a 11 cm fish with longer spines. Both were placed in a 400 l qt separated with eggcrate. With liverock and flowerpots. Mollies as tankmates to try to get them on dryfood.

They got a formaldehyde dip and were dewormed with flubenol.

The male took clams, oysters and masstick dry 'gel' food immediately.
The female now for 2 weeks still nothing.
I moved the eggcrate so i thought the female could learn from the male.

So far i tried:
Fish and lobster eggs
Grindal and enchytrae
Night crawlers
Live ulva
5 types of ON flakes and pellets

One nip from her on Masstick after i placed it in the exact spot as a sponge was on the LR. One nip on banana and cucumber.

So if by this weekend she does not eat i ll drive tonthe coast to get some sponges.

Any more ideas?


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