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Originally Posted by Novorc View Post
Good afternoon. I am intending to buy a Red Sea Reefer 425 XL tank and would like a pointer to which bubble king skimmer size I need please. I hope to have a mixed tank because itís my first venture into the world of marine and will want a variety of stuff! I have kept koi for many years, so not a complete beginner regarding water keeping etc. Thanking you!
For that tank, my first choice would be the Double Cone 180 if the skimmer compartment has enough space. Second choice would be the mini 180 which has a smaller footprint. For the double cone 180, you would need at least 11.5 ʺ x 14.5" in the skimmer compartment. The Mini 180 would need around 10.5" x 11.5" of space in the skimmer compartment. Maintenance on the Double Cone will be much easier since the pump is outside the body and it will perform a bit better under varying loads since the RD3 allows fine tuning via the speed control on the RD3.

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