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Originally Posted by Big E View Post
Pink Matrix

Great group shots in Post 2748

On the evansi, they'll eat big chunks of food. I used raw frozen scallops and shrimp. It worked well for me with randalls and evansi. I trained them in QT which made it easier.

I don't buy you have to feed that tiny food to small/mid sized anthias.......they have huge mouths for their size. It's just a matter of training.
Thanks Ed.
The new anthias went into the display with the other anthias. The smaller ones (which I should never have bought) have already died. They were about an inch long.. they would only eat the smallest particles. My larger ones eat anything including flake and pellets.. how big were the evansis you were working with? I assumed that adding new anthias to established ones would actually help them emulate the behavior of the established fish and get them eating quickly..
Originally Posted by illumnae View Post
Amazing macro shots Matt! The one you're unsure of looks like a yellow acropora selago
Thanks! Selago.. I will look that up..
Originally Posted by DiscusHeckel View Post
I echo what has been said already about the latest photos. The common coral names you use don't mean anything to me, but two of my favourites in this set are the Acropora in the first picture and "not sure what it is".

One question: why have you started to add a watermark to your photos?
Hey Bulent, thanks! unfortunately I am terrible at scientific names for corals and ID ing in general.
I started adding a watermark because I am trying to have a presence on Facebook- locally- to promote by business more. I do aquarium maintenance full time - fresh and salt- and because Facebook is so public and to associate my photos with me and my business, I just figured I’d start ‘owning’ my photos..
I want to begin detailing my maintenance practices and showing some of the other tanks I take care of.. so it’s just a way of branding my photos, I suppose..


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