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SPS Help

I have a 29-gallon BioCube. It has been running for about 4 years, so I guess you can say I am not a newbie. But I just took the leap into keeping a particular SPS coral so I am a newbie in this regard.

I just purchased a beautiful Acropora echinata Hawkins Blue-Green Echinata on Wednesday. I got it acclimated to the tank, using various methods so there was no shock or anything like that. It was its normal blueish green all day and all night Wednesday and then all morning and afternoon today (Thursday). This evening, I went back to check and it looks as though all the blue "skin" (I don't know the scientific term) is falling off. Is this normal for it to get acclimated to my tank? Or is this already dying not even 24 hours of being with me??

My tank has:
Candy Cane Coral (one of them)
Ultra Acan Frag (one of them)
Green BTA (one)
Zoa colony (one)
2 black and white clowns
1 lawnmower blenny

When I went back, it appeared the clown was hanging awfully close to the Acropora, closer than it would hang to any other coral. Don't know if this has anything to do with it. No other coral is anywhere near the Acropora so nothing is competing for space or stinging the coral. See two pictures.

pH- 8.4
Salinity- 1.026
Magnesium- 1400ppm
Alkalinity- 9.7dKH
Calcium- 488ppm
Phosphate- 0.09ppm
Nitrite- 0.013ppm
Nitrate- somewhere between 0.5-0.75ppm
Ammonia- 0ppm

Please, any suggestions on what I can to keep this alive? And if it does happen to die, how can I tell it is dead?

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