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Paul's Return to Reefing 90G

Hello all,

I've kept some kind of tank for about 13 years now. I've done a couple nanos, and a ~65G but since we moved into our new house a few years ago I've only had what I would call a COWLR (Clown Only With Live Rock) housing a clown fish that has been with me since the start in a 20G nano. I decided that had to change this summer and we renovated my man room/game room area with a wet bar, wood look tiles, and a space for a new tank.

Getting back into it...

So far the tank is:
SCA 90G "cube"
DIY stand (to be skinned once all the setup is done)
Trigger Sapphire 34 Sump
Vertex skimmer (from my older system, still going strong will be eventually retired to "backup" duty)
ATI 6 bulb T5 (not hung yet)
Maxspect Gyre powerheads

Got all the water in, salt mixed. I've got some older rock I've had cooking in the basement for a few months that will go in this weekend as a base and I'm placing an order for the Tampa Bay Saltwater package today.

The threads here have been helpful so I figured I'd try to start another one and you folks can all keep me honest about doing it right

Tank with my crazy kiddo


Plumbing... I went with the 2 45s on the emergency drain to move it back and get it a little higher. This works really well. Saw it on a thread here (forget which one).

So far so good... next up hang lights, put in base rock and wait for "The Package"

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