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High TDS

I have about 40 TDS after my RO membrane and 200 from the tap. Needless to say I am burning up DI. The membrane is a 75 gpd Dow Filmtec membrane. I also just measured the output and it is not 75 gpd but more like 175 gpd, I only measured two cups per minute but extrapolated that into 24 hours. That is obviously not good. Also my psi after the prefilters but before the membrane is 40. My psi from the tap is 50. I am using a needle valve but I drilled out the hole to 1/4" to match the tubing on the RO. I also removed and reseated the membrane but it did not change anything. The membrane is only 4 months old and I have probably treated 500 gallons of water. I am not using a pressure tank or a float valve. I removed the ASO and now just manually turn off the water. I believe everything is plumbed correctly. The waste line is coming from the side of the RO canister and the treated water from the center. Any ideas?


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