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Agree with dmorty here, larger tank equals larger problems. (more $$$ on creatures you might lose).

more water volume doesn't help, as ich falls off at night where the fish sleeps, and in a heavily stocked tank it will be easy for it to find a host.

Many members here have well stocked tanks with ich in them and the fish are able to fight it off. Many members here have well stocked tanks with ich that wiped out all of their fish that feed and do everything the other guys do.

I prefer to ensure all parasites are eradicated. 90 days fallow -for anything wet. macro algae, inverts, corals... all need to be in a fishless system for 90 days.

for fish my preferred method is chloroquine phosphate, treats most parasites(like ich and brook), and prazipro gets the other parasites. 30 days of treatment/observation then in the display tank they go. -can't use it on some wrasse, pipefish, or sea horses.. so tank transfer is better for ich on the wrasse.

Then you don't have to worry about ich someday getting out of hand... finding a weak fish, multiplying to the point they start overwhelming them.. etc... and yes, tangs tend to be the easiest target for ich to attach to.

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