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white with red reflectors
The worst. White is better. There is almost no energy remaining after white is filtered for red. Must be red from the beginning.

drop-in scrubber DIY build
Just like an enclosed waterfall, a drop-in is just an enclosed bubble upflow. The hard part of an enclosed waterfall is building the box; the hard part of a drop-in is sealing the LEDs for underwater usage.

There is no diy guide that I know of; just dip the LEDs (clean well in isopropyl alcohol first) in Devcon 2-ton epoxy and let cure, and repeat 2 more times for a nice thick coating. For algae attachment, you can use a roughed up screen, or epoxied gravel, or a lot of strings. For bubbles, an airline with slits works well, or and open-ended tube works great too.

Build a simple one first, see how it grows, then build a real one.

Inventor of the easy-to-DIY upflow scrubber, and also the waterfall scrubber that everyone loves to build:
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