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Originally Posted by Timfish View Post
Mote Marine Laboratories is sexually reproducing corals and repopulating reefs in Florida. Dr. Chris Page gave a presentation to the local reef club in 2016 and one of the problems they have is getting enough permits to transplant all the juvenile colonies they produce. As far as our systems being "Arks" for corals while we are able to keep them for long periods of time there is a potential issue with senesence. A recent request by UT for A. milli frags for genomics research found one of the local aquarists frag did not produce any viable DNA even though it and the mother colony "looked" to be very healthy.
thanks for the info, do you have any more info/pics on the ut mille, most of the corals I see in lab conditions are very bleached and unhealthy im guessing from being placed in a new setup, maybe the frag lost a lot of tissue from being fragged and going into the lab setting, and if given time to grow back into a colony could produce enough viable dna? I have had acros, leathers, lps spawn in captivity but they are usually colonies before they send out eggs, not 2" frags

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