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Experienced Clownfish Harem Reefers

It has been way too long, but I am about to set up a clownfish harem, and I'm looking for those experienced with harems.

From what I gather, maroon clowns are not recommended, but I'd be interested to see if anyone has ever done it or at least attempted it. I'd love to, but I won't do it if anyone has not had any positive experience doing it.

Details on my build. I have an established 75 gallon currently that I am planning on moving from my basement to the main level to start the harem tank. It has a 25 gallon sump with a large skimmer (reef octopus formerly used on around 200 gallons worth of tank and the sump). I also run an algae scrubber that produces quite a bit of algae. Some of the rock will be swapped out for dry rock, but most will be established rock (I'm also setting up a 110 gallon at the same time). I plan on having probably around 100 lbs of rock in the tank. It will be at least 60 established. I plan on doing a 4 bulb HO T5 for lighting and want to have one central island with a "flat" top to get the nems closer to the light. The tank is 24 inches deep (so the nems will probably be about 10-12 inches from the top of the tank and lighting can be placed at any level from the top of the tank since I won't have anything else in the tank except the fish and clean up crew), 36 long, 18 wide.

I plan on doing green bubble tip nems, and I'm still deciding on which clowns I want. My wife decided she didn't like pink skunks which is what I wanted, but basically I would prefer something that is naturally hosted in a bubble tip.

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