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Trying to Integrate an Under the Tank Refugium

So i've had a 90 gallon tank for about 10 months. For filtration, it has bio balls and if i remember right, this all came together as a kit so the filtration looks to have a proprietary design (i'll post a pic). It also has a skimmer that hangs on the back of the tank. The 'fuge will be a 10 gallon tank that i plan on using Plexiglas for compartment separation.

Which is the best, under tank or hang on back?

For under tank, do you see a way to keep using the existing filtration sump and use under tank refugium?

Will 10 gallon 'fuge be enough for a 90 gallon tank?

I wonder if under the tank is the way to go because the pods have to go through a pump to get into the main tank. I suspect they won't live through that?

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