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Here is the updated list of sellers for the FFM. All I can say is WOW, that is a lot of corals all in one place!!!

Coral Vendors - my apologies to anyone whose home state I incorrectly labeled!
AC Corals -CT
Alex's Advanced Aquatics - CT
Aresangel -MA
Aquadreams -MA
Aquaspaces - NY
AZNnutty's Saltwater Connections - OH
Blake's Aquaden -CT
Blastomaster -CT
Blue View Aquatics - MA
Cherry Corals -MI
Colchester Pet - CT
Coral Emporium - VA
Coral Reef Connection - PA
Credable Coral Labs -CT
DBReef - MA
Dr. Salomon Corals - RI
Elmafioso52988 - MA
E.O. Smith Coral Project - CT
European Aquatics - CT
Exotic Fish and Corals - CT
Fins Aquarium - NY
Frag Freaks - MA
Frank180Reef - MA
Gotham Aquatics - NY
Greg Polec - ???
Greg Demos - Aquacultured Acropora - ???
Greg Hiller - MA
Headie Corals - CT
Jason Foxx - MD
King Pin Coral - NY
Kwong1998 - NY
Kyle Lanoue - ???
Manny Cabral - ???
Marine Science Magnet School - CT
Matt Spaulding - VT
Micheal Reeve (Underwater Bliss) - CT
MO~Idol (Steve) - NY
NY Coral King - NY
Ocean State Aquatics - RI
Pablo - NY
Paulywalnuts - CT
Pacific East Aquaculture - MD
Pieces of the Ocean - NY
Pop Corals - NY
Reef Creations - NY
Rick Correira - MA
Rick W. - ???
RTMA Corals - CT
School of Fish - MA
Sheltered Reef - NY
Shoreline Pet - CT
Sick and Twisted Corals - CT
Son and Sand - ME
Speedy Corals - CT
SteelerMike - RI
Supreme Reefs - VA
Tank Breakers - CT
TJM Corals - NJ
TSM Corals - NJ
The Coral Reef - CT
The Reef Shoppe - NY
Triggreef - CT
Ultimate Corals - NJ
Usctom -NY
Wet Pets - CT - UT

Non- Coral Vendors
Aquatic Creations
Boston Aqua Farms
Champion Lighting
Dirks Aquatics
Hanna Instruments
Mikeís Phyto
Neptune Systems
Polyp Labs
Red Sea
Reef Breeders
Reef News Network
Reef Nutrition
Reef Rax
Reef Trends
Reef Weeds
Rock Hard Reefs
Rodís Food
Tropic Marin


2019 New England Frag Farmer's Market
March 2, 2019
E.O. Smith High School in Storrs CT
Largest Single Day Coral Show in the U.S.! - 60+ Coral Vendors!

Current Tank Info: 100, 135 reefs and 150g and 800g frag tanks
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