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No. I have some and have used them but I always end up with some that will feed from them and others that don't. After trying for a few times with different species I no longer bother. (also, I like to watch the seahorses hunting their food. In addition I feed enriched live adult brine shrimp once a week for a different nutrition source AND to again watch them feed)
The abs tank still has the dish in it, and two of the five abs and occasionally a 3rd will go in it to eat food that falls from the broadcast feeding but the others can't be bothered.
The barbs tank only 3 of the 8 ever bothered to use the dish there consistently.
In time you can definitely see the difference in the ones not liking the dishes as they become obviously slimmer in body.
Over the years, I had similar results with angustus, reidi and erectus with comes the only species that all would feed from the dish.
I have Hagen powerheads with quick filter attachments that are set on timers to come on along with more powerheads without attachments that come on about an hour after feeding so that the water movement picks up remains and is trapped in the filtration. I clean the filters every 3 days before the crap can deteriorate to the point of feeding and providing bedding for the nasty bacteria that so often affect seahorses.
Lastly, I don't entirely depend on the filters and frequently blast the decor/hitching to out hidden crap that I let settle and siphon out with my frequent water changes.

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