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Originally Posted by tom g View Post
well last nite I officially started lanthium chloride , I added 10 mls of lanthium and I changed batteries on my phosphate tester , from .57 last nite to .47 today , still being dripped in ,into a sock . hopefully it drops a bit more and I will up the dosages so I don't drastically drop phosphates
Depending on what you have in your tank, you need to make sure you donít drop your Po4 level too fast. First of all, while .17 ppm is a bit on the high side for many peoples liking but itís not necessarily an issue. It all depends on whether itís in balance with the nitrates. There are other factors as well such as the age and health of the system along with inhabitants. I have a very healthy and thriving reef that is packed end to end with thriving corals of all types. My tank has been up and running at this house for over 20 years and regularly have Po4 levels at .25ppm and have zero issues with nuisance algae. My nitrates are right at 25ppm when my Po4 levels are that high and that ratio is a good balance (read on redfield ratio).

That said, the issue with dropping levels too much and too fast is two fold. First, is a rapid change in nutrients that corals and anemones donít like. Second, the use of LaCl to drop the Po4 levels will drop alkalinity rapidly. The more you drop your Po4, the more the alk will drop when using this approach. Itís really critical to monitor your alk levels before and after because you could end up killing some coral if you arenít careful. Itís good youíre using filter socks and hopefully they are 10 micron or less because the precipitate can kill some fish. If you see any clouding at all, you are doing it wrong and harming your fish.

Iíve used LaCl regularly for many years. Iíve learned to never drop my Po4 a max of .05ppm in a 24 hour period and when I dose LaCl, I generally will space my doses apart by 2 or more days. Here is a video I put together discussing my method, doses and considerations.

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