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Originally Posted by ballenreef View Post
I have them in both places for the situation in now when my one controller went out I had another heater going. At the moment I have 2 100g Rubbermaid’s but am in the process of setting the 180 up. But one heater went out and the temp dropped and held at 76*

I never thought about having all the heaters in the sump. But I don’t think I have enough flow to house all of them in there and keep the DT at a stable 78-80*. The sump is in a non temp controlled storage room in the basement so it gets “cold” in there in the winter.
If you have the proper 3-4 times turnover per hour flow through your sump the display and the sump would be the same temp. Aquarium heaters aren't able to change the water temp that fast.

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