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Sticky Water / Coral Recession / Nutient Levels

A lot covered here so I'll summarize then go into detail. Today my water had a sticky residual feeling. I removed many SPS frags to dip them in Coral Rx as over the past month or two they've been taking a dive. Pics from before the dip:

Levels as tested yesterday:

SG: 1.026
pH: 8.1
No3: 10
Cal: 422
Alk: 8.4
Mg: 1400
Temp: 80.0

As for my log for the time frame in question, mid Dec I removed a chaeto reactor as macro growth had stopped. Early January I began dosing Vibrant to try to rid some nuisance red turf algae and a few patches of what appeared to be bryopsis. I began with ml 2 doses weekly for three weeks, each 10ml. Then went to half the dose once a week.

First week of January GAC was placed into the sump in a media bag.

End of January No3 & Po4 read 1 / .02. Alk at the time was running 8.6 - 9.3dKH.

Hard to remember exactly when the tissue loss began, but by the time I realized No3 & Po4 had bottomed out I researched a quick fix. I started dosing Reef Energy A/B to try to nurse the SPS back to health and increase No3 and Po4.

Mg had also dropped during those two months to low 1100's. That was corrected via dosing.

All regular maintenance and cleaning was done throughout that time. Water changes were every 4 weeks (a system I had been doing for nearly 6 months). This month I've done two WC's to again help try to correct whatever is plaguing my system. Reef Crystals and IO salt.

Carbon dosing in the form of Vodka/Vinegar/RODI solution is minimal (6ml daily in three doses).

UV sterilizer run nearly 24/7.

Lighting is two Viparspectra LED & T5HO retro kit. The T5's haven't been used in a month after thinking that the intense lighting was causing coral damage. Also LED's were turned down significantly for the past month or so.

Back to today, in my last ditch effort to help the corals pictured, and others that look similar, I dipped them and replaced.

Typing all of this I am starting to realize I "did" a lot when it probably wasn't advisable. All other coral have been thriving and growing (LPS, monti, zoas, hammers & torches, trumpets).

Lots of info I know but anyone willing to assist I would greatly appreciate input. If you've read this far you might as well chime in....

90g Mixed Reef

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