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Originally Posted by bertoni View Post
I'd probably keep the GAC running, since it'll bind organics. I wonder whether the "stickiness" is from a surface film. I'd make sure there was a good rippling action on the water surface. I agree with cutting back on the organic carbon dosing.
Plenty of flow on the surface in both the DT and sump. I've got no buildup on the surface in either. This theory could make sense though as I removed the blue/white filter floss media and ran no mechanical filtration for a few weeks. That would help explain the sticky water.

As for coral deterioration that started around the same time as the Vibrant dosing and/or the addition of GAC. Those were around the same time December/January.

Gonna leave both out for a while and see how things settle. If I need to go back I'll introduce one at a time and keep a close eye out.

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