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Originally Posted by bertoni View Post
I'd work on lowering the phosphate level. The carbon dosing should help at least a bit, although the tank might need some GFO.
I'm getting in to the "swing" problem. Get them down to <.05 and then there is too much light / Alk is too high. Then back the other direction <.05 and the algae creeps in.

Just trying to find the sweet spot and how to stay there. Learning something new everyday though. Thank you.

Originally Posted by rjjr1963 View Post
I think your nutrient levels are fine. Stability is the key and I don't think reducing them will help. Are you starving them for light? With higher nutrient levels you can increase intensity of lighting and get strong growth.
As I mentioned they were much much lower so I cut the lights way down. Now that they are up I don't want blast the lights right back up. These SPS certainly are tricky, tricky, tricky <----- Cue RUNDMC intro.

90g Mixed Reef
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