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I had a glass shop do mine last week, cost $40 Canadian. It was a rectangle in middle top 6" x 2". Then I added a weir I got on ebay which is 1" solid and 1" weir at top. . They drill a hole at each corner and then slice towards each hole. End up with round inside corners. Vey nice proficiently straight/smooth lines. It was just the back piece of glass though not a complete tank. Then I assembled.

It would be difficult on an already put together tank. Glass is cut on a table horizontally for stability, which would be difficult to do on a complete tank.

I would suggest taking the back piece off and taking that to glass shop, then reattach. Much easier.

Half inch deep doesn't seem enough though. Your water level would be at 1/4" from top or less and if you have and water waves it would constantly spill over edge.

At my 2" depth half is solid piece of weir which leaves 1" at top for water. My water level is at around 3/4" from top which gives me some wave action ability.

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