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Originally Posted by RioReefr View Post
I am using Reef Fusion 2-part in my 130 Liter All-in-One (LPS/Fish; No SPS).

I am also using the Smart Micro ATO system with a 10 Liter reserve tank. My evaporation is 2 Liters per day. Since I dose 1mL of Fusion-1 and 1mL of Fusion-2 on a daily basis, I was wondering if I could simply add 5 mL of Fusion-1/ 5mL of Fusion-2 to my reserve tank to essentially let my ATO dose my Ca/Alk for me (??).

1.) Would the combination of the 2 additives in 10 Liter precipitate?
2.) If Yes, what additive (Ca or Alk) would be better to add to my ATO reserve tank?
3.) Also, I add 0.5mL or Red Sea NoPoX on a daily basis. Could this somehow be combined with Reef 1 and/or Reef 2, again something like 2.5mL would be added to the ATO tank?

I am sure someone will suggest a doser, but this is such a small amount that I don't want to drop $300 + on dosing solution.

Do you actually have enough consumption to need to dose? If your tank is sucking up calcium like that, I would look into just using kalk with your ATO. I don't think mixing the two-part in a small volume of water would be a good idea.

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