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Originally posted by edr42
I can definately tell you that Catctus Jacks does indeed sell alcohol, and they do a mean margarita! Liquor licenses should be quite easy to aquire in Townsville, drinking is almost a national pastime.
Immigration shouldn't be a problem for americans, it's pretty much as NZ would be, and Townsville would welcome any new buisness with open arms.
Townsville itself didn't impress me much, (then again i'm comparing it to Sydney, where i grew up and live outside of semester times) but it has grown on me, and the climate and the reef are unbeatable. You can run a reef tank without a heater or lights if you just put it outside.
Also you can collect corals and fish direct from the reef.
The "killer jellies" deserves a post of its own, so.....
Do you sleep? It doesn't seem like you should be up when I am -lol

Well, as much as I'd like to be the only place in town offering a Texas margarita, I have to say it's a relief to hear there isn't some weird problem getting a liquor license.

Every time you post I get more excited about Townsville - Outdoor reef?? Oh my gosh

Yes, I'm sure Sydney is wonderful, but I've had enough big city life already. The only thing that I'm having trouble warming up to is the Townsville architecture & high cost of housing. You wouldn't believe what we can get for the same price here in Houston. If I come to Townsville that aspect of my standard of living will go down.

It looks like some of the homes must be built with hurricane/cyclone issues in mind. Along the Gulf of Mexico no one seems to care - homes get wiped away and the government pays to put them back - it's really irritating to see my tax dollars go for that kind of thing. Sorry to rant - I'm just tired of it here - I need a 15-20 year break


So long, & thanks for all the fish!

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