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AC Jr Moon Simulation Question

Hi all, trying to figure out exactly how my moon simulator works on my AC Jr (the older style).

I have a 25W incandescent bulb that is plugged into a 2-prong X10 lamp module. I have tested the dimming ability of the bulb by plugging in my standard X10 hardware and using the X10 remote to dim the bulb... works fine.

Here is the issue: Through the AC Jr, the moon simulator either turns the moonlight on or off, doesn't seem to dim it based on moon cycle. I have the following statement:

If MON 000/000 Then MN1 ON

In this case, MON is the moon simulator in the AC Jr and MN1 is the timer associated with my moonlight on X10 channel F11.

A few days ago, the moonlight was turning on just fine. It turned on to full intensity, so I just figured it was a full moon. Last night, it didn't even come on... I know it doesn't go from a full moon to a new moon overnight, so something seems wrong.

I tried changing the date on the AC Jr, skipping forward 3 or 4 days at a time, and the best I would get would be either On or Off, nothing in the middle.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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