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Originally posted by laverda
You did not say what you have the moon light plugged in to. but if your using a DC8 it would have to be plugged in to F8 or F16 for the light to dim.
Per original post, it's plugged into an X10 lamp module, channel F11, but thanks.

Actually, I decided to look up the moonrise and moonset table, as well as new moon and full moon dates. I thought I read somewhere that the AquaControllers moon and sun simulators are based on somewhere in the caribbean, so that's what I looked for.

Turns out, right now, the moon is setting around 10:30 pm, so when I'm working on my tank at midnight, the moonlight should be off. It looks like everything is working correct, I just happen to be checking at bad times.

Thanks for all the input.


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