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-i know that, because they will eat it what ever else is in there.
-depending on the species it can be 6 months or six years.
-so i have heard, but so are seahorses and I have kept the pair alive for 3 year strong and they are doing every well
-i have an emperor 400 that pumps 400gph on a 29 gallon and along with the normal filter cartridge i have added a sac of chemi pure elite. also the tank has about 20-25lbs of fiji live rock.
-they live to hide in caves

im not looking to keep a blue ring, but maybe something else. also i know they have to be mentally stimulated with toys and puzzles. i've been keeping fish tank for the last 14 years with 6 of those years being manly saltwater. i converted most of my fresh water tanks to salt.

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