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Lyretail Anthia fins "melting"

I have 3 lyretail anthias in QT. They were eating fine at the LFS and for the first 10 days in QT. Two smaller females and one medium size juvi male turning.

They were eating mysis and chopped up clams.

QT Tank setup for a few months. Has sand and LR and PVC. I don't care about losing the LR if I need to add medicine or other treatments.

Ammonia is less than .25. Its usually between 0 and .25. I use prime and do water changes every couple days.

SG: 1.023 using refractometer

Fish Added 10 days ago

No prophylactic treatment. Copper at LFS. Not sure which copper med.

My middle rung female stopped eating two days ago and her righ pectoral fin appeared ragged. I figured it was from over aggression by the male so I separated with gutter guard. I noticed this morning one of the males fins appeared a bit ragged too.

The separated female looks like she has a little clear mucus on her left pectoral fin this morning. The mucus has an oxygen bubble or two hanging off it.

I originally thought the ragged fin on the female was from the male and the ragged fin on the male was leftover fighting from the LFS as he was kept with another male.

I'm now suspecting a disease or parasite. The condition is similar to SDGuys thread from 2007 where he lost most or all of his anthias.

Does anyone have any thoughts. I don't want to jump to a FW dip or other treatment without some firm guesses as I'm afraid the stress will kill her.

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