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70RR tank thread

My project was put on hold for a couple months and now i can finally start to get my tank ready within the next few weeks here. I live in a tiny apartment so this was a perfect size tank. I was gonna start a thread so here it goes ill try to upgrade asap.
lowgrade pics for now sry

70 gallon reef ready oceanic tank and stand; custom canapy which im in the process of finishing.

everything open and plumbing done, for now right?

short hand plumbing, still have small pieces to cut itll be ready to glue

So far the heart of the system relys in a 20g L sump, 9.5mag return pump, dual 200w titanium heaters, coralife fuge light, and a Euroreef skimmer.

lights will be installed on a custom "rack" in my canapy, they consist of 2 x 175w 14k's and 2 x 39w T5's retro'd, along with DIY moonlights.

flow will be 2 x seio 820's along with my MJ mod 1200.

everything controlled by a neptunes aqua jr

Ill post pictures of everything being installed along the way, Lemme know whatcha think ideas ect....

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