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Got lucky today, or unlucky depends on how you look at it. A local reefer has thrown in the towel and is selling off everything. He had a 500/600 gallon SPS system, I picked up his complete Reef Octopus calcium reactor set up, Ozone set up, Chiller, Apex, power heads, and a NIB Reeflo Hammerhead. The hammer head may change my sump situation to the garage, talking to the wife about that still. That is her idea and i'm not fighting to hard at this time Kevin's exodus helps my budget and timeline immensely. That being said I'm very sad I never made it down to see his system in person before it was dismantled.

Sorry I have been slow on getting pics up. Cleaning garage so I can get to the tank again and the skimmer hasn't arrived, CoralVue/ReefOcto are waiting for the correct volute for the skimmer. Will probably be next Sunday before I really get a chance to start posting pics.

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