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Originally Posted by MondoBongo View Post
i wouldn't worry about supplemental feeding for clams.

with the exception of T. gigas, the other tridacnas don't get a significant portion of their carbon from filter feeding. unless you're running an ultra low nutrient system, the extra food from feeding your fish combined with fish poo and other things that naturally occur in the tank should be more than fine.

just make sure it's getting enough light, cal and alk are stable, and that it's not getting harassed and it should do just fine.
Thank you very much for your answer. My tank is heavily stocked and I feed heavy, I am not trying to run an ULNS, although my nitrate typically are at 0.75ppm and P04 at 0.06-0.12, trying to get nitrate a bit higher, to 1-2 ppm.

It seems to me that my clam is doing great, I have a peaceful community tank and no whelk, nothing is harassing it. Everybody was telling me I have to feed it though, especially a tiny one, so I get a bit worried.

BTW, can clam also use aminos and such?

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