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Originally Posted by MondoBongo View Post
my understanding is that clams will adsorb most of the NPK kind of nutrients they need directly from the water. i'm not sure about amino acids specifically (i've always questioned the need for those products myself), but i haven't really seen anything convincing one way or another.

what i can tell you is that i have kept two clams for about 5 or 6 years now with no supplemental dosing aimed at the them. my crocea was larger when i got it, but my derasa was about 2.5" - 3"" or so when he came in to my possession.

i don't think it would hurt though. i would just keep doing what you're doing, and keep tabs on its health. if anything seems to be changing like shell growth, etc, then maybe look at changing something up, but otherwise i would stay the course.
Thanks, that is exactly what I am doing, keeping an eye on my clam. So far it shows obvious growth (white stripe at the edge), good coloration and reacts to movement. I started also supplementing with Reef Energy A & B, although not sure if that is relevant for a clam.

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