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Thanks Kevin! Exactly! I think so too.

Having had the experience of trying lots of different plants, and living with them for awhile, has given me a good idea of what I want and don't want. Now I have a much clearer vision of how I want my 'sea garden' to grow. Before, I would just try plants, to see if they would survive in my tank, and then just let them grow where they wanted. Now that I have a better idea of what works and what doesn't, as well as where they'll work, I can make better informed plant choices. My tank is at a point where several plants I don't want, have become a nuisance that I can't get rid of. Starting over will clean the slate and give me a blank canvas to start over with. I am VERY excited about that!

I'm hoping to keep the shoal grass. I will have to clean each blade and then QT and observe them to make sure they don't bring any bad stuff with them. Mixing it in with manatee grass should give me the look I'm looking for. It should fill in and give me that thick, lush look. I also like how their flat blades catch the light. The manatee grass will give me the height that works well with the tall dimensions of the tank. I'm hoping to lengthen the DSB 'planter' to make more room for more grasses too.

I am super stoked to get a second chance! Now that I think about it, this is another thing you and I have in common. Right now, you are gaining experience with various characters. When you set up the big tank, you'll have the chance to 'edit' as well!

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