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About Royal Exclusiv

Hi there !

It's a personal experiences I would like to share with all of you out there !

I just got back last night from my short visit to the USA and also just bring back my dream skimmer .....BK double cone 200 + RD3 speedy control.

Still having some jetlag and expecting so much works so I will start my set up in the coming days or perhaps during the weekend. I am excited to see how it works then.

This is skimmer mot only from its well known being the high end German made skimmer , but the most important part is the best customer support Scott have ever provided to me .

Unlike you guys , you order, you pay they delivered . In my case as I have to had the skimmer deliver to my hotel at a very limited time and it is no way for any errors matter situation on the delivery as the consequences is I will miss my flight for more days.

Scott has made a perfect assistance he help me to coordinate the seller and even checking and tracking my cargo to make sure it will arrive on time .

Aside from this , Scott has also assist me on some other ways not related to this skimmer purchase . He is literally giving me friendly advises on so many things as well.

Some photos to share: ( my skimmer just landed Taiwan);

Thanks Scott!



I love Taiwan, a free democratic independent country.

Current Tank Info: 90cmx60cmx60cm (420 liters total volume), 12mm thick tampered glass aquariums , Eheim compact +5000, Jns SK2 protein skimmer, T5 x 4 x39 watt (2 blue , 2 white), MP40WES, SEIO 1000, TLF 150 *2 + 550 *1
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