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I will say I have been more than pleased with the help and support from the Royal Exclusiv team. I would not think twice about ordering more equipment from them when/if needed. I have a Red Dragon pump on my Vertex skimmer and recently bought the RD3 80w pump for my return pump. I am out of town for the holidays so did not want to swap it out then leave town. Cant wait to get home to plumb it in.

Scott is a real asset to the Royal Exclusiv team.


180g Dual Corner Overflow, Dual Herbie w/return over top, 45 gallon sump, Little giant return pump, Vertex Alpha 200 Skimmer, Apex w/ORP, Temp, PH & salinity probes, 3 EB8s, VDM, PM2, Lunar Simulator

Current Tank Info: 180g
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