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Thanks Steve.

The link didn't work directly but I figured it out and got it :

I got both volumes.

I have a very successful reef and sponges naturally grow on and inside the rockwork I made out of PVC and concrete. I use the hollow PVC pipe as skeleton and cover it with a fabric of concrete, then drill holes to allow water to go in and out of the hidden hollow network.

I had no plans to build habitats for sponges. I was doing it to create open structures with the least and lightest media. First pods and worms used the holes heavily, then feather dusters and sponges. I might cross-section when I take it apart.

 photo D3F68D51-6560-4F52-BBF6-3742A8D52E3C_zpsthhrz5v9.jpg

Corals growing out of the water and little protected zones of algae no one can get to:

 photo 4BB5E410-F35E-47F6-915C-3ADC831CCDCF_zpsywfdupa3.jpg

But overall very healthy

 photo EBD4BBD5-E2CE-4F27-BE68-37C9D08C3EC7_zpsx6vka6x1.jpg

 photo 4A261F16-3008-4CFA-B046-391D6D9C3977_zps6ftrjkvz.jpg

I don't run a skimmer but I have a large settling filter/algae scrubber and a large fresh air injector. I don't export anything- I just recycle all the algae back through my fish... settling filter just creates a worm and pod friendly habitat.

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