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What's happened?

I have been growing Algae wit an ATS for a couple years or more and just a couple weeks ago was getting 260+ grams per week. Now virtually nothing. Here is a picture of the screen and the lights.

The screen is 9.5x8 inches and the lighting is 21 3 watt deep red per side and water flow is about 350 gph. The lighting period was 18 hrs. I reduced it to 12 today.

I was lighting with 2 all red strips (14 led's) and one strip with 2 blue 1 white and 4 red per side. The red's were doing great and the mixed not so much so I ordered the all reds. And even before I changed them out the red side start to diminish in growth.


180 gallon, 30 gallon sump, 3 250W MH + 4 ATI T5's, MTC MVX 36 Skimmer, Apex controller Reef Octopus CaRx

Current Tank Info: 2 Barred Rabbitfish, Yellow/Purple, McMaster Fairy, Red Fin, Hoevans, Possum, 2 Leopard Wrasses, Kole, Purple & Atlantic Blue Tangs, Matted Filefish, 2 Percula Clown, 4 PJ and2 Banggai Cardinalfish , Swallowtail and Bellus Angel,
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