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So finally have moved in the new house and am putting the system together. Here are some pics of the acrylic algae scrubber I made. Read lots here for guidance. Feel free to criticize and give input to hopefully help me make it better.

Screen, splash shield, base, all comes appart for maintenance/cleaning

Screen is 12” wide X 8” tall.. At 35 gal per inch, this pump should work

Scrubber leds from Expressions LTD.

Added two more led bars to the box. Three led bars per side. The bars are 12”, same width of the screen

Rimless 150 Gal Sps System: Giesemann Spectra/New Apex/2x MP40qd's+ 2x Gyre XF250's/Cor20/Custom Stand, Sump and Algae Scrubber/2x DOS dosing/Skimz Octa 205i Skimmer

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