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We'd all bet on dinos, but aren't sure without microscope.
Pic 3 looks like a cyano/dino party. But color in another person's tank pics can be deceiving.
You say "dust" when blowing of rocks rather than hunks or sheets like cyano.
Diatoms don't usually plague like that, but been wrong before. Suck up a bit of it, and put in a beaker, stir to mix. If it's dinos, it'll reassemble into a clump in minutes.

It's not ostreopsis - no long strings/bubbles in high flow.
So is it amphidinium or prorocentrum?
I'd lean prorocentrum over amphidinium because of preference of rocks over sand, and your description of it covering/killing zoas.

Support UV as a first measure, and any thing you do to get rid of dinos would be more effective without sand.

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