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The tonga rock just doesn't show up in the pictures -- looks like a solid rock pile but it's not.

I got the Elegance in August -- we had a rough start together but when I finally put it in the right spot -- it got happy. The torch fell this week and I didn't have time to epoxy it so I stuck it in the sand at a distance I thought was far enough away from the Elegance. Wrong. Came home from work to find the Elegance withdrawn so I epoxied at 10 at night or something and the Elegance smiled!

Yes -- the coral on the left is a gorgonian - it's been in my tank from the start so about 15 months and it has grown about 3 inches! There's another one on the right but you can just barely see it -- it is one of the yellow gorgs.

I want to get some red and orange color in the tank for some contrast. I have lots of the brown, purple, green colors which look great in person!


Current Tank Info: 400g - 65g DT and 180g peninsula DT both drop into basement. 5 tanks plus a QT in the basement.
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