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Advise about Giesemann Aurora V8 hybrid fixture

I am considering buying a Giesemann T5/LED hybrid light fixture for my aquarium (see below link)

I have a well-established 180 G reef aquarium with live rock, fish, shrimp, snails, crabs, and soft corals only. It has been running for 20 years with two 175-watt Metal Halides and 2 compact fluorescent dual actinic bulbs. About 10 days ago, the magnetic ballast smoked and melted the power cables coming from the halides and I unplugged the unit. I was leaving out of the country for Christmas break 2 days after that happened, so I searched local aquarium stores, and none had a replacement dual metal halide or 2 single ones (magnetic or electronic) so I got Some Fluval Sea LED lights (25,000 K, 32 watts) and placed them over the aquarium for the week I was out.

I liked the LEDs as they were able to penetrate to the bottom of the tank (24 inches deep) and offered a lot of customization and programing. I was never able to keep hard corals and I think it was due to poor lighting (and probably other factors) as the retrofit metal halides hung about 2 feet above the surface of the aquarium.

So, after hours upon hours of reading and searching, I am taking this opportunity to upgrade my lighting to a hybrid T5/LED system as it seems to be the better option now (although metal halides are still considered the gold standards by some).

So I need a light fixture that I can hang with cables above the aquarium, and I can bring them down to about 8 - 10 inches above the water level for better lighting and can take them up for maintenance. I have been eyeing Giesemann products for years but never pulled the plug on one of their nice fixtures. I contacted multiple US retailers, and none carry them. I contacted Giesemann in Germany and they can sell me an Aurora V8 with customized power supply/ballast that run on 120v/60 Hz current and ship FedEX.

I know there are other hybrid light fixtures available in the US and cheaper than the Giesemann.

Any advice about the Aurora V8, reliability of Giesemann products, service etc.
Am I making the right decision? I want to move up in reef keeping with keeping some hard corals.


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