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I purchased a baby Nurse shark from my LFS back in the early 90s and housed it in a long 40 gal tank with an underground filter( LOL) and at first it was so cool at only 6" long but you are so right... it ate me out of house & home feeding mainly on sea food i would buy at the grocers like frozen whole squid, clams, shrimp, list never ended, AND the thing got so big it sat curled up in the tank and could barely move! This was before live rock was the thing so luckily it could still wiggle about.
And keeping the water clean was a nightmare after feedings!
I was shocked on just how fast it grew..............1 yr and oh my. The best part of this shark story is that i gave it to a guy who at that time convinced the Chicago Shed aquarium to take it since it was so healthy. Today that would not happen. Probably the worst purchase mistake i ever made but it was probably the most fun one.
That was a great write up on what is involved in keeping a shark, brought back memorys

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