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I settled on the basement sump since a) I was re-doing my floors and had the clean opportunity to plumb straight down below the tank into an unfinished basement. b) I have an unfinished basement that is only used to store things (ultimately I hope to finish it out and I will turn the entire sump station/water changing station into a "fish-room." c) the ease of maintenance, cleaning the sump at my height without having to get on my knees, water changes, etc. is unsurpassed. Honestly since I went straight down from the display, the head pressure is not that bad at all and my blueline 100HD return pump is a little too much for what is really needed (I have it dialed back quite a bit...). I have considered purchasing a new return pump in the near future, allowing the blueline to be the back-up. There are many pumps out there now that are more energy efficient and such.

This tank was truly set-up with low-maintenance and ease of maintenance being a top priority.

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