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wont shut off DC8 and workhorse t5

am in the same boat but, would have thought that my t5 ballast would have no issues shutting off......Fulham workhorse 5 running 2x54 48" actinics. controller shows off except light stays turn the unit off, I have the unplug it.....makes no sense.

makes no diff what outlet on the DC8 I use.....program works great except as I said, these seems to be power being supplied or something stuck that causes the ballast not to be truly off

not an issue with my other lights (2x icecap 250 MH) i know apples vs oranges. or my 36" T5 ballast on my fuge....not sure that the diff is but thinking of trying to power both t5 ballasts from the same plug of the DC8 see if it is a power issue....very strange.

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