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Originally Posted by cal_stir View Post
Tank looks marvelous, I put a sample squeezed out of my sock under the microscope and could not find any dinos, just tons of micro organisms swimming around, many different varieties and microscopic pods. I never saw any of this while I had the dinos.
I am totally back to my regular routine pre dinos, been about 6 weeks now.
Way to go cal_stir.
That result from the microscope is something I have really been waiting for.
I predicted it years ago and here it is with all the benefits.
Keep reporting since we know they like to come back.

I've got used sand and fresh rocks coming next week.
If I get it similar results we may be on to something.


The theory is simple enough.
Loss of plankton can leave an open door for dinoflagellates to take over.
Give plankton a helping hand and dinos will fade away.

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