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Originally Posted by kainic View Post
Can you please neglect my tank for me? I really love your tank Mark. Good job.
Thanks Sergi.

I'm 2 weeks into NOPOX now, 5ml a day which is the maintenance dose for this tank. Water is noticable clearer and skimmate stinks, both expected. The clowns started laying eggs again last week after skipping a month. No idea if the is a coincidence or not.

Colors, ooh boy, colors have gone up a couple of notches. Most noticeable is the pink milli, which has lost most of it's brown, and and lemonade like acro which is simply off the charts, best color I've ever seen.

Unfortunately (though a good problem to have) the slimer is going to take advantage of this and is putting on another massive growth spurt. The best is huge and starting to shade multiple acros now.

Notice new growth tips missing from the last picture.

-- Mark
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