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Originally Posted by Michael Hoaster View Post
Glad you liked the article, Subsea. Good info.

They're sending me adults, so I'm guessing they're in the half inch range, Chasmodes. Yes, I agree, all the fish should enjoy them! I'm also hoping I can maintain a population that will aide in detritus consumption. Ideally, they'll become important members of the crew.

I had some of the shrimp in the one inch range, that brineshrimpdotcom sells. They lasted awhile, but eventually got wiped out. I'm hoping the mysids' speed and small size, combined with heavy macro growth, will allow them to survive predation.

I should have them tomorrow!
With respect to grass shrimp, is it this species? I have collected these in both fresh water and salt water marshes. These feeder janitors are winter hardy and will solve my outside growout production of live food. They are collected from Long Island to the Gulf of Mexico. I will attempt to quick start the process by collecting in the Austin area and adjust shrimp to full strength salt. Mollies and shrimp will be the “apex predators” in their own tanks with macro and pods.

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