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Originally Posted by James404 View Post
Beautiful tank! Peninsulas are just awesome...
thanks james404!!

Originally Posted by Gobie74 View Post
Amazing, great tank and some really nice pictures.
thanks gobie74!!

Originally Posted by Thairun View Post
Wow! your aquascape inspired me to rescape mine and the choice of camera am eying to get from the Nikon D90 back to Canon 50D. Love the lense performance.

Good job dude!
thanks thairun!!! funny i was thinking about trying getting a D90 or D300.

Originally Posted by DBarsotti View Post
super awesome, looks very natural!
thanks dbarsotti!!

Originally Posted by sfboarders View Post
Sweet tank! I like the simple aquascaping.
thanks sfboaders!!

Originally Posted by jzdad View Post
Wow! Awesome! Very well put together. How long did the thought process( plannig) take from the start to finish ?

How about some sump pictures.
thanks jzdad!! from planning to finish took over a year, time wasnt on my side....

Originally Posted by Atomikk View Post
Great work! Now stop by my house and see my setup. We live near each other now!
thanks Atomikk!! for sure, would definitely like to see your setup!! maybe even walk away with a few nice frags!!

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