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Starting up a 720 Gallon and seeking suggestions in Miami!

Hi all, it has been some time since I was reefing. I went into this thinking VHO, MH, PC's and chiller to find out most of these things arent needed nowadays for the most part. I originally had a 240 reef which I will also be setting up. Anyhow I just put a deposit on a 720 gallon tank. It measures 96" L X 36" Wide by 48" tall. The stand will stand at 36 ". I have a 240 gallon sup. Im planning on utilizing one chamber for Miracle mud with which I had very good results on my previous tank. What I would like are suggestions on lighting, skimmers, flow etc. It is a bit tricky as it will be visible on all 4 sides so I need all wiring to be low profile. Thanks in advance for your suggestions :-)

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Current Tank Info: 224 and 720 gallon in progress!
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