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Yeah, I thought it was the same tank, it's awesome...and Pedro is the man...he did a phenomenal job on my system and is now working on my cousins as well (his thread is on here as "cousin of the 1300 gallon...")

I completely understand the trepidation with halides and heat issues. My only concern would be possibly needing a chiller anyway due to where we live. I switched from 175 watt halides to "China Box" LEDs on my first tank (210g) for the heat concern and ended up having to get a 1/3 hp chiller anyway...but hopefully you get lucky!

I currently run Rowaphos/GFO and Carbon in separate reactors off of a manifold Pedro set up. It makes it easy to just turn a valve and pull one of the reactors for media maintenance. I used to just throw a bag of carbon into the sump and it seems to have worked fine, but I think for the little bit of money a reactor is more efficient.

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