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First, the fish and coral couldn't care less about the hourly jump in the change brightness or color of light. So that's a personal issue and not a problem for the aquarium.

Second, you should start thinking of the hourly change as being like a grandfather clock that chimes on the hour, every hour of the day. If/when you notice the hourly light change, just think of it as the lights reminding you that it's the top of the hour and let it go. It's just not a big deal.

Finally, you are in control of the change in the color of the light. Mine change brightness that I can see most hours. The only time I really notice the change in color is a couple of hours when it's going from blue to white during sunrise and from white to blue during sunset. My fish and coral don't care, so why should I (or you)?

The alternative would be to pay hundreds more for fixtures that change more gradually... or sit tight and wait for the new controller from Logan.

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